December 27th, 2010

Big Hearing Aids

The Sound of...Less Loudness.

My audiologist posted something recently about a new law being signed to limit the volume of television commercials.  I wear hearing aids, so I am not interested in debating with anyone here whether or not TV commercials are too loud.  I have to turn my HAs down whenever commercials come on, so I know they are.  Everyone knows they are too loud.  Mad Magazine even knew they were too loud in the '70's when I used to read it as a kid.  I know this because they made jokes about it even back then.

Titled CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation), the law requires the FCC to tell broadcasters to turn the fraking volume down on commercials.  Really?  no shit?  Couldn't someone in the Federal government, which controls the Federal Communications Commission just tell them to do it?  Did we really need congressional action for this?  It offends my delicate libertarian sensibilities to know that this was really required.  Also, is this the best acronym our tax dollars can buy?
Godzilla, default

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer:

Since this is T_P I will first give my opinion as to this and why I ask this: I have noticed an interesting double-standard that applies to rape in the real world. It's one of the only cases these double standards favor women (about 99% of the rest of the time it varies from bad to GRRSNARLIDJITS). This double-standard is that where rape, as it is defined as forcible penetation, legally does not exist or is recognized where women rape men. To me it makes no sense to react with horror to a male teacher getting Hot For Student and having kids by that person and say, making a celebrity out of Mary Kay LeTourneau or some other such person with the genders reversed.

Now, my simple question is this: should rape of men by women and female pedophiles be punished equally as stringently and ruthlessely as when the genders are reversed? If Yes, why? If no or "" do explain precisely the convoluted thinking that goes into making one acceptable and the other not.