December 26th, 2010


Swiss (Don't) Miss Mormons

New legislation in Switzerland is going to dramatically cut back the number of Mormon missionaries allowed into the country. The Mormons are crying foul and the Swiss government is claiming it's all part of new rules regarding limits on the number of foreigners it allows in and that Mormons aren't specifically being targeted.

Frankly, after reading this I'm of the mind that this is really poorly defined legislation more than discrimination. But with that said I can see how the Mormons would look at this and smell something fishy. Switzerland got some real flak over Islam there recently so I'd think they'd want to avoid a repeat of that.
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End of an era for Montenegro

Zdravo, you prominent e-brawlers who always bicker over petty US politics dear readers who'd appreciate the occasional piece of news from around the world! For a number of times I've revealed facets of the rather complicated picture that is East Europe and particularly the Balkans. Now it's time for some "good news", I guess.

Milo Djukanovic, prime minister of Montenegro, and the longest serving politician in the post-1990 Balkans, resigned from his position earlier this week, leaving a remarkable legacy worth the praise. Where Lukashenko's seemingly endless tenure might cause some raised brows, Djukanovic tends to call mostly positive associations. He said his resignation was his personal choice and it wasn't caused by any pressure from anywhere. "It is a decision that is neither surprising nor hasty", he said, and he added that he's leaving with a clear conscience because of the great work done by his team. He announced that he'll remain chairman of his Social Democratic party, though. This effectively ended all rumors that he was resigning in order to pursue a high ranking position in some international institution like NATO.

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