December 22nd, 2010

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A Risk Assessment.

Ok, I am a union man, not just a union member, but someone who was once trained as a Health and Safety Officer. It was my job to kep an eye on things. I was trained to carry out risk assessments then follow through on implementing safguards - everything from routine inspections to showing people the safe way to do the job - everything from lifting and carrying heavy loads to storing corrosive chemicals. COSHH regulations, Fire regulations, food hygiene regulations - this was the stuff I had to learn, and know and work with.

All in all, I believe that regulations in industry are neccessary. They make life safer for everyone. When you let industry regulate itself, you get stuff like the BP oil spill happening.
But it seems to me that lately, in Britain at least, the regulations have been made by people who don't see to have a clue. Collapse )

Selfish Colbert Helped to Raise Money for Charity: The Monster

There is an article at NoFactZone by DB that needs to be read. The short of it is that Bill O'Reilly was piss off with Colbert because of
this. O'Reilly didnt waste time on attacking the poor while attempting to defend his willfully ignorant, borderline heretical, self justification of being a Christian Grinch during the Christmas Season.

So Bill made  whole segment about how Bill and Stephen have a different interpretation of the Bible and how Stephen Colbert's interpretation is wrong, but it didnt stop there. With the Ann Coulter interview they created this narrative that the only reason Stephen Colbert brought the message of Christian charity on his show was to guilt trip the rest of the world to "give and give" while he "does nothing", she even declared that the only time Stephen gave money away was to pay the IRS.

You can say alot about Stephen Colbert, but if you are going to attack him regarding his lack of charitable works, Ann Coulter should fire whoever is feeding her this information.

Stephen Colbert and his fans have helped to raise a lot of money over the years. This is a list of his works, and this is not even counting other minor works that he has done lately for others:

The total amount is $1,493,336, so Stephen Colbert and his loyal fans helped donate one and a half million dollars for charitable organizations; Stephen is even a board member of DonorsChoose. Unless of course there is some unwritten rule that says unless you give away two million dollars it wont count as an act of charity.

If Bill O'Reilly wants to discuss theology with Stephen Colbert, that's fine, Stephen is a Sunday School Teacher and he has no problem in doing that. As a matter of fact he has nailed a lot of his guests on matters of scripture.

"I like talking about people who don't have any power. And this seemed like one of the least powerful people in the United States are migrant workers who come and do our work but don't have any rights as a result. And yet, we still invite them to come here and at the same time ask them to leave. And that's an interesting contradiction to me and, you know, "whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers"... These seem like the lest of our brothers right now -- a Lot of people are "least brothers" right now because the economy's so hard and I don't want to take anyone's hardship away from them or diminish it or anything like that -- but migrant workers suffer... and have no rights."
                                                                   -- Stephen Colbert, 2010 Congressional Testimony.

“I *teach* Sunday School, motherf*#ker!” -- Stephen Colbert

New START Treaty ratified by Senate (71-26)

Congress has just passed the New START Treaty minutes ago. 13 Republicans* broke rank with their leadership and joined Democrats in passing the first arms control treaty of this administration. the treaty will limit the number of deployed strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, nearly a 2/3 reduction since the original START treaty in 1991, and a 30 percent reduction since the 2002 Moscow Treaty. Currently, the Russian Federation has 2,787 nuclear warheads on 620 delivery vehicles, and the United States has 2,200 on 851 delivery vehicles (2009 figures). The treaty requires on ground inspections to insure compliance, and is seen by many as a critical component of keeping enriched uranium out of the hands of terrorists.

The treaty had the support of five previous secretaries of state, including Condoleezza Rice.

Collapse )

* including: Lamar Alexander (TN), Judd Gregg (NH), Bob Corker (TN), Thad Cochran (MS), Johnny Isakson (GA), Dick Lugar (IN), Susan Collins (ME), Scott Brown (MA), Mike Johanns (NE), George Voinovich (OH), Olympia Snowe (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Bob Bennett (UT).
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CRB checks cause a storm in English cathedral.

Take a good , hard look at the people in the picture featured in our link today, folks.
For they are either extremely brave and stalwart individuals, or henious and dangerously deviant people. You decide - but either way, they are making it clear that they won't back down.

It is not that they have ever been in trouble withthe law - in fact that is exactly part of the problem. They are mothers and grandmothers, and yet, when these volunteers leader was told that she neededto take a CRB check, she quit in protest, and the team she leads is backing her.

Now, if you are not from Britain , I may need to explain ; a CRB check is a check from the Criminal Records Bureau to say that you have no previous convictions for sexual offences. Without one, you cannot work in certain roles that may allow you access to children. Even as a volunteer.

I should explain that the rules were drawn up as a measure to protect school children from being targetted by perverts who got jobs as school caretakers and the like. in present day Britain, the child abuser is seen as Public Enemy Number 1- even ahead of Bankers and Income Tax officials.

But isn't there something just a little bit wrong with our rules when elderly ladies are being told that they need to be CRB checked in case they are a danger to the Cathedral's chior boys?
Well, they certainly think so, and so do i to be honest.

Don't forget, these checks have got to be paid for, cash up a man who works in an industry where I am likely to come into contact with lost kids from time to time, I know how the system works, and don't object to being checked myself. But these are elderly women , working as volunteers, for goodness sake.

Are we in Britain so paranoid that we now have to check up on little old ladies who volunteer ?
People may say to me that this is not the fault of overzealous left wing officials - so whose fault is it then? maybe it's the case that the political centre ground in the UK is very different from that in the US, or the traditional dividing lines between political parties in European politics have become blurred, or shifted from what they were when I was young - but we seem to be becoming a society driven by official diktat instead of pain common sense.
the CRB check is slowly becoming a monster that is changing how our nation percieves itself. I shall watch this case with interest and update you.