December 10th, 2010

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Yet again, on wikileaks.

First, I must apologize to those defenders of the wikileaks. My assumption, as a political scientist and media specialist, was that with such a massive dump and little to no interpretation we would end up with a story about wikileaks, useless gossip and cheap pranks.

Clearly, I was wrong, memos like this one which outline a clear and improper collusion between the United States and the United Kingdom in international affairs are coming out. I am somewhat aghast that such inappropriate (and probably illegal, such that there exists an international law) activities would be written down, yet alone listed and sent by email.

So, on this Friday morning, I ask two questions.

If it is so important to keep these things secret, why do we have such lousy security in place? Even FBI databases use a secure intranet, to which a computer with out access to the internet or data writing devices other than a printer must be connected.

Can the "special relationship" that the US and the UK have had survive this level of scandal?
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Wikileaks - I Think The Qualifies for a Separate Topic

Why does everyone assume that Wikileaks is 100% accurate in the information they are posting?  What's to keep them - or some other entity  - from altering the documents they post?

Since my own opinion is required here in the initial post:

I do not have any expectation of any form of accuracy or "journalistic integrity" from a site such as Wikileaks.

That said, I have never visited the website either. Perhaps they have some "journalistic integrity" disclaimer/banner.  Please let me know if this is the case since I will not be visiting the site.
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You're a Mean One, Grinch Alert

Robert Jeffress:

Well, you know every year people bemoan the War on Christmas and I thought, “Let’s do something positive about it,” so we created this website,, it allows people to go on our website and, uh, if they’ve encountered a business that shuns Christmas they can talk about it and put that business on the naughty list but if they find a business that celebrates Christmas, they can put that business on the nice list. It’s just a fun way to say to businesses and organizations, “You don’t have to bow to political correctness. It’s okay to say, “Merry Christmas…”

John Roberts: What if businesses who are on the naughty list lose customers?... Would it be a good idea to affect people’s business at this season, which can be make or break for some people, and in this economic climate?

Jeffress: John, let me make it clear, we have never even hinted at a boycott…

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Johnny Bravo

T'is teh Friday LULZ, yo.....

First of all, announcement! ........ I keed, i keed!
So did you guys set up the Christmas tree already? (Pics or it didnt happen!)

This Friday Lulz thread has been brought to you by Taliban Inc., headed by the late Achmed the Dead Terrizt. After the rather unfortunate event where he incidentally blew himself to smithereens due to major bomb malfunction (while trying to transport 10 kg of TNT in his nuderwear), allegedly as a result of a chemical reaction between his bodily gases and the explosive content of his pants, his comrades in Taliban Inc. decided to throw him a farewell party. The result was this:

They didnt seem too sad, did they? But then, he's probably with his 72 virgins already. (No, not *those* virgins that will be licking you off until you pass out, after you've been smeared in chocolate all over, as a punishment for daring to talk anything remotely related to politics on this thread - those are different ones).

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obama one big ass mistake America

Suffering by comparison

I think even Obama realized that when Bill Clinton took the podium at the press conference everyone suddenly got a case of the "gee, we sure miss Bill Clinton". You could tell Clinton really wanted to be back in the saddle.

Heck, even I started missing the Clinton administration. Especially when Obama said "hey, this policy stuff is hard, I'm outta here!" and ducked out the back door.

Do you miss the Clinton years? Should Obama be putting Clinton in such a publicly prominent position?