December 3rd, 2010

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The Politics of Warfare - how do we stop politicians messing with the military?

It is a commonly stated view that the American soldiers did not lose the Veitnam war - American politicians did that.

I would also add that Americans are not the only people to complain about politicians butting in with 'political considerations' when the generals see a clear cut strategy to end a war and getting their troops home - which is an aim that every decent general wants to acheive.

During the Falklands War, the BBC, acting under orders of someone in the government, announced that the British troops were about to attack Goose Green. This was done because the government felt a need to show that things had not ground to a halt since the landings were made at San Carlos.

The Military chiefs were fuming.
Goose Green was on a narrow neck of land, removing the opportunity to out flank and out manouver the enemy. the defenders had time to dig in and held a superiority in numbers.
"all we had was the advantage of suprise - and the government took that from us", declared one angry British commander.

From the other side of the ailse, though, comes the complaint that "War is too serious a business to be left to the generals". Collapse )
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Teh' Friday Lulz + Yet another annoucement (duh...)

Here it is, the Friday Lulz! But first (as has become a habit lately), announcement time!

Dirty half-dozen, you say? Now what about Blake's Seven? (I'm Gan. Definit'ly).

So here it is: the latest, and last addition to the crazy mod-squad that runs the asylum. I give you...

geezer_also !!!

"I consider myself a Reactionary Right Wing Fundie, but most of my friends think I'm too liberal (especially my wife)" (his words).

Really. What better description would you possibly get to the question "Hunh!? Who the hell is that?"

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Now back to Teh' Lulz, yo. Having picked up a ton of bruises, scars, plus a black-eye after a regular rugby sparring in the neighbourhood during the week (yup, dear; rugby... i.e. the real thing), i thought, Hm, that could actually be fun to watch from the sidelines, when you think about it? I guess the few chicks who watched the game, were cheering because they, too, like seeing blood spilling around the place, eh. Indeed, rugby could be rather amusing at times: just watch these poor things struggle to keep the egg ball...

Your turn, wackos.

Charlie Rangel - rent controlled housing.


My problem with Charlie Rangel and just getting Censure is that it doesn't address the real crime he committed. As paft   has taught me, there is a social contract, and he sodomized it.  By having FOUR rent controlled apartments when you make  $174,000 and you're worth $566,000 to $1.2 million, according to Congressional disclosure records you should not be using bogarting four rent controlled apartments. Those are meant to help the poor. In my previous   ( I talked about Wesley Snipes going to jail for not paying taxes, This is far far worse. This is stealing from those who need help. This is literally taking shelter from the poor. Charlie Rangel is a Democrat and is suppose to be for the little guy.  When the democrats applauded Rangel that was over the top and just plain wrong!

It seems like many politicians cheat on their taxes and if that's all this was about I'd be like 'eh Censure is enough' but stealing from the poor and usurping housing for them... it's just evil.