November 4th, 2010

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Are the best years behind?

There was a time when America was pretty great. There seemed to be a time when USA was the envy of the world and with good reason. Americans all seemed happy. America projected the very essence of all that is good and right with the world. There was sweat on her brow, money in her pocket and a whistle seemed to be heard every time she went for a walk.

I think it was after you kicked kicked Nazi ass, moved out to the suburbs on the new interstates and elected a Catholic president. Maybe it was earlier, during those Huck Fynn days or when Wyatt Earp served the law. There was something magical about the USA even if it was exaggerated in rose tint. Still, if nobody sent you flowers it was only because we were shy, intimidated by your beauty and strength.Collapse )

The Fox Narrative: They Tell a Good Story

Fox News are the masters of Narrative. Fiction writes can write a good story and it doesnt have to be real but sound like it is real and possible. If fiction writers can write a masterpiece then Fox News has found a way to make their fiction into a reality that is accepted by the masses. It doesnt matter how many times you yell Fox News is lying, if they are good story tellers, people are going to watch and listen to their voices and believe their stories as if they are real. Not because they are, but because their stories are powerful and resonates to their "Inner Fantasy That they Confuse as Reality".

You cannot defeat Fox News by creating a leftwing/progressive version of Fox (you cant MSNBC, deal with it) it only emboldens and validates their message and their way of doing business.

Stewart's point is that actual news organizations (which his show is not and shouldn't have to be) should be completely nonpartisan and more investigative and "journalistic".

A Tale of Two Cities

Boy, what a contrast between President Obama and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell's speeches after Tuesday's midterm election. Dumping President Obama is McConnell's highest priority (his words, not mine). So this is what America has to look forward to: gridlock. Despite voters saying in poll after poll they want Congress and the President to work together, the message just doesn't sink in.

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We interrupt the liberal hand-wringing weepfest to bring you this:

Her son wanted to dress like Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. Not only did she let him, but she stood up to snooty parents who tried to give her shit over it. I love this article, bravo to this mother for standing up for her son.

Do you think she's harming him by letting him dress this way? I think while she risked setting her son up for ridicule that the only way to stop it is to meet it head on. We shouldn't allow ridicule as "normal" behavior. Boys may be boys, but that doesn't mean we should allow them to act like intolerant douchebags.

Some people (usually of the conservative persuasion) claim that homosexuality is a choice. However I remember some rather feminine boys while growing up. Assuming they got a case of the gays, I find it hard to believe they made that choice from such a young age.

EDIT: Let me emphasize I'm not saying this boy is gay or straight, I think it's irrelevant. I just think it ties into how kids (and adults) treat gays which is why I even brought it up to begin with.
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A Brief Meditation on the Tea Party

Electoral politics are immoral or at least futile. I have no illusions that the net effect of the recent elections will ultimately produce anything more than some wonderful entertainment for my inner cynic. However, I do think the Tea Party is articulating something important. The middle class, what's left of it, is losing faith in the state and the state has run out of options for pacifying them. It is in its death throes. I think people sense it on an intuitive level, but they haven't realized it consciously, yet. The Tea Party is that intuition grappling with uncertainty. The next few years are going to be the process of the intuition and impulse evolving into understanding.