October 28th, 2010


Sabato: Massive Republican wins, Reid will be defeated, and Boehner will be Speaker of the House.

Well, today Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball website issued its final mid-term 2010 predictions. And it ain't pretty for Democrats.

House: Republicans will pick up 55+ seats.
Senate: Republicans will pick up 8.

For the closely watched Senate seats, Mr. Sabato predicts Colorado, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Nevada will *likely* be Republican wins. West Virginia, California, Washington, Delaware will be Democrat wins. A full breakdown and analysis is available on the website. For what it's worth, Mr. Sabato's record is almost nearly perfect.
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Behind the Obvious Lies: An Overwhelming Sense of Entitlement

On Fox News, Peter Johnson transforms the metaphorical car in Obama’s October 22nd speech into a metaphorical bus (Via Newshounds):

You know, it’s a peculiar and strange and really haunting backward reference that we’re seeing by the President, and what we’re really seeing is the notion of being in the back of the bus, and that’s a matter of sad American history, embarrassing American history…and saying, in a long narrative, and it’s incredible what he said, that somehow the car is in the ditch, that the Republicans…no, no, it’s incredible, that at the top of the ditch, drinking slurpees, kicking dirt in the face of the President, and others who are trying to get this car out of the ditch, and once the car is out of the ditch and the Republicans demand the keys, they can’t have the keys but will let you sit in the back of the bus…

How do you react when you find yourself standing in a spray of lies so lame that the liars barely even pretend to believe them?

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Uncle Sam loves the GOP

Stewart vs. Obama

Did you watch the Jon Stewart interview with President Obama ? What do you think?  I really didn’t like that Jon addressed President Obama as “Dude” . That ranks right up there with boxers or brief to me.

I think the President Obama handling himself well and took some of the jokes at his expense very magnanimously. Of course Jon and President Obama are on the same side so I didn’t’ expect him to be as hard as he was when he was talking to the Betsy McCaughey


Homophobia and hip hop music

This tweet by Sophia Anna Bush (born July 8, 1982 & no relation to THE Bush family) has started a huge flame war. Ms. Bush is an American actress and spokesperson. She stars in the CW television series One Tree Hill, where she portrays Brooke Davis. Bush is additionally known for her film portrayals in the 2007 remake The Hitcher as Grace Andrews, John Tucker Must Die and The Narrows.

Any thoughts on minorities getting a free pass on homophobia?

Missouri Proposition B - the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

I was kind of meh on Missouri Proposition B, http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/2010petitions/2010-085.asp --what little I knew of it I didn't disagree with, but I wasn't that sure about it. Tonight I went to a presentation on it.

Presently in Missouri, puppy mills are overseen by the Department of Agriculture, & local law enforcement can't seize animals. Proposition B would allow law enforcement--sheriffs & city police--to step in & remove animals. It also mandates at least yearly veterinary visits & mandates exercise areas, whereas present law does not require these things. But it's the fact that violations would become misdemeanors, & that puppy mill operators could no longer automatically keep out police or the ASPCA, that really persuades me.

Understand that right now there is no limit on number of breeding bitches kept, no requirement for veterinary care, & no authority granted to local law enforcement to stop reported abuses. Prop B changes all that.