October 27th, 2010

  • mijopo

Rally to Restore Sanity, Tucker Carlson proven right?

There was a good article about the Jon Stewart rally in the WaPo Outlook section a week or two ago arguing that Jon Stewart should call off his rally.  Below is my own take on this - my conclusion is comparable to the author's, but not identical, and I think it states some things more clearly than I can.


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ETA:  Great quote from Stewart himself that more succintly makes the point I'm trying to make in the second paragraph:  "Nobody's going to march in the streets with a sign going 'be reasonable!"  - Jon Stewart (h/t hypatiaslore )

Rally for Comedy

I have already talked about this Fear/Sanity Rally before. It is nothing more but a gift to the fans. The Rally is just another part of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report's comedy routine, but only bigger (a lot bigger).

But the critics attacking the rally don't see it that way. And most of their points are just ludicrous. 
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