September 11th, 2010

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Nine years:

Tomorrow it will be nine years since 20 guys with boxcutters hijacked four planes and slammed three into buildings. Two of them disintegrated entirely, the third they did not damage half as much as they would have liked to, the fourth went nowhere at all. I must confess a mixture of puzzlement and anger at how this has mushroomed into an act that heralds some "apocalyptic clash of civilizations." 20 SAUDIS WITH BOXCUTTERS people, not an army. Not even having a majority of the Muslim world on on their side.

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As far as I'm concerned, a day 3,000 people died is nothing to celebrate, and certainly nothing worthy of a twisted cult of narcissists vying to be More American Than Thou. I expect many hopeful posts tomorrow, but this young cynic says "A generation cometh, a generation goeth, but nothing new under the Sun." And in one of my own quotes: "Thus has it ever been, so shall it ever be."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am now going to google some things about Star-Wars while my wearing my Gap shirt with my trite regionalist identification and zone out of the nationalist wankery tomorrow will bring.

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More 9/11 craziness

Wow, I thought FoxNews was bad but the folks over at MSNBC  have really gone off the deep end.  Yesterday Pat Buchanan and Donny Deutsch argued that President Obama should have Terry Jones arrested!  I'm not sure what the charge would be, but I'm pretty sure that my head will explode if we keep giving this clown so much attention.  I thought things were getting bad when the Secretary of Defense took the time to call this crazy fundamentalist who leads a church with 50 members.  This guy is an asshole, this guy shouldn't burn the Quran, but for the love of all that is good and decent, can't we just move on?  And if what he does is going to piss off idiots in other countries, well, let the chips fall where they may, because if that's the criterion for whether or not we're going to arrest people in this country, then the First Amendment is completely meaningless. 

This man is a troll and like any trolls, including the ones we encounter in our happy little community, the very best treatment is to leave them unfed.  Deutsch claims "we're being held hostage by this guy".  We're only being held hostage because we bother to pay attention. 


A 9/11 protest

Hiya T_P, I've been in Argentina for a few weeks with very limited internet. How have you been?

The US embassy in Argentina is on high alert today because an anti Qu'aran burning protest is scheduled to take place. The threat has been mitigated a bit since the book burning has been called off. But since they already printed the flyers, there will still be an anti-US protest.

This is what happens when some yokel priest getting international airtime for preaching hate to his congregation of 30 people. His stupid message goes around the world, and 4000 miles away, a US embassy clerk gets her windshield smashed in Buenos Aires. Or maybe some American tourists get assaulted by a thug in Lisbon after being heard speaking English in the streets. Or maybe a few dozen more Muslims decide that this is the last straw, and join the Taliban's fight.

What can we, as individuals or groups, do when our media hapahzardly makes life worse for our countrymen?

Sorry I won't be able to follow your responses until I can come home to easy internet access. But I had to hop on to share this with you.

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I'm convinced that how we see groups of people can be profoundly influenced by the way that we encounter those people-- even if the encounters are only limited.

I have heard a number of Americans say:

"Everything I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11."

This explains their inability to tell rather secular Muslims from fanatics who pervert religion for their political aims like ... say ... Osama Bin Laden. The inability to tell the difference between the Taliban and the dozens of diverse Muslim communities in China, Ivory Coast and India who might not know anything more about the Taliban than your average Protestant from Iowa knows about the internal politics of the Vatican.  (Not that the Vatican and Taliban are at all comparable at this point in history.)

How have your expereinces shaped your views of Islam? Your views of Muslim people?

War, what is it good for?

War is the fertile valley from which humanity springs. War is the mother of countries, the father of heroes and a child of God. War defines our social reality in every vein. War informs every part of who we are. We are political animals after all, which is to say that we are animals of war. I salute the warmongers, the terrorists, the soldiers, the warriors. Without war, I wouldn't be able to go to college. We wouldn't be able to leverage billions of dollars in scientific research. Without war, we would be disorganized masses of stupid brutes. Without war, we would be so much flotsam and jetsam in a meaningless existence. Without war there is no light. No identity. No humanity. We are human. We make war. War is our finest achievement. War is our pride and joy. War is not only what we are good at, but what we love the most.