September 7th, 2010

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A modest question about certain political movements:

Every so often one will see the true red white and blue 100% Americans do little "comparisons" of this sort:

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And here:
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Now, let's address these absurdities simply and honestly:

Why is it that this 100% American red white and blue movement always compares a black man to two white European dictators of the mid-20th century? Why is this man, the moderate right-wing conciliator who's sold out his base so well he likely will fail re-election due to it somehow always compared to the white European Marxist movements or the white-supremacist National Socialist German Worker's Party?

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The more interesting question is to whom he is *not* compared to. There's a fine example of a black dictator who really *is* ruining a country right now. His name is Robert Mugabe and like Kim Jong Il his dictatorship survives primarily I believe due to the leaders of the other countries not desiring a massive influx of refugees. There's Idi Amin Dada, the cannibalistic dictator of Uganda who happened to both commit a large-scale ethnic cleansing *and* simultaneously piss off both the USA and the USSR at the height of the cold war. There's the unlamented Mobutu Sese Seko, the kleptocrat who turned the present-day DRC into the nightmare land that it is now.

Three examples, one actually living right now and even with his own hitler-stache, and nobody so much as considers a comparison of President Obama with *these* men, preferring instead to compare him to an Austrian draft-dodger and a Georgian bandit. But of course this is not due to racism. Instead we are to believe that in the interest of protesting for less taxes and more freedom that these brave 100% red white and blue Americans have not one atom of racism in their comparison of our conciliating President with the Georgian bandit and Austrian draft-dodger. We must accept entirely that despite Robert Mugabe offering a fine example for these asshats if they had two brain cells to rub together that they have absolutely no racism in comparing our President to two white totalitarians.

Somehow, as with their insistence that the Earth is 6,000 years old and thus all those distant galaxies are just a divine Hoax and that the Devil is responsible for fossils I remain skeptical as to the validity of these statements.
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So, what's your take on this?

Racism is a bigger problem in America than I thought, it seems. And so are lots of other 'isms', according to various commentators.

And when it comes to comment, there are quite a few with lots to say. Ok, some of what goes on Stateside is also going on in the UK to some extent - either that or we read about it in the papers. So, I like to hear what Liberal/left people have to say on the issues. This does not mean that I always agree with them, though.

Take Michael Moore, f'rinstance. Ok , he is Canadian, and not a US citizen, so maybe he has one strike against ihim already from some people's perspective. Anyway, i read his book, and too be honest, in some places , he did not impress me. Collapse )

The Tax Cuts must Continue........

The tax cuts must be allowed to has been scientifically proven that Tax Cuts stimulate investment and that sparing the rich from a heavy tax burden gives them incentive to put that money into the economy,thus increasing revenue and reducing the deficit....Hussein is simply waging Class Warfare and using hatred and envy of the wealthy to rally support for his Socialist agenda.....if he really wanted the deficit to lower,he'd keep the Tax Cuts....

To balance out the losses I stand to incur as a result of the end of the Tax Cuts....I have already laid off several workers....if the Tax Cuts actually expire,then I will have no choice but to lay off even more,this may be harsh.....but this stupid socalled president has done nothing to help the economy and harsh times call for harsh measures....I suspect many other employers will take similar measures,but thats what happens when you wage Class Warfare....
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Everybody hates Craig Venter

Some say he's a genius, others call him a trouble maker, and others say he's an adventurer with a too big ego. Probably they're all correct. Craig Venter became as famous for decoding the human genome in 2000 as much as for the fierce competition in which he involved his rivals on the way to this achievement whose significance could be equated to the landing on the Moon.

Now he's again in the center of the storm with his proclaimed intention to create the first artificial cell by the end of the year. Some are eager to see him succeeding, while many others are anxious about the prospect of a successful synthesizing of life. But he's used to such sort of reactions. All through these years he's been painted as "deeply immodest", "lead solely by his enormous ego", he was called "Hitler", "asshole", he was degraded to a monkey status, etc.

The Time magazine labeled him "the bad boy of science". He says if by bad boy they mean someone who's waging a rebellion against the ruling scientific establishment which has usurped most fields of mainstream science, so be it. Whatever they say, it's a fact that he has been the most important figure in molecular biology since Watson and Crick who discovered the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953.

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