August 1st, 2010

Слушам и не вярвам на очите си!
  • htpcl

Hell Is A War

Greetings, my fave bunch of sabre rattling militaristic armchair warriors peaceful and reasonable fellows! The title here is taken from a song by a Canadian heavy metal band, Annihilator. I'm guessing we all know about the WikiLeaks case already. We've also heard the proverb pronounced by a US senator, Warren Johnson in 1918: The first victim in a war is always the truth. Starting with the British who used to lie to the world about the Afrikaner/Boers, calling them "savage cannibals", through the lies about the German soldiers raping Belgian nuns in WW1, to these mysterious WMDs which Saddam was supposed to possess but were never found. The examples of deliberate delusions and fallacies being told as an instrument for gaining public support for otherwise unpopular actions in said military conflict are numerous. That's why when the WikiLeaks site published 90 thousand secret military documents "of medium importance", the only surprise was that this time there weren't too many big lies to be exposed. Everything was pretty much familiar already.

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