July 28th, 2010



Cameron the brit prime Minister is kissing arse in India after poodling around In Turkey in an attempt to raise some cash, been sitting on the knee of Obama also but dint get much change there, was all a bit oily and the USA is broke. Can anyone suggest another possibly profitable destination?

Politics and etiquette

I have had always an impression that politicians should be well mannered and educated in the ways of etiquette and diplomacy as they are dealing with other representatives of state and have to be cautious not to offended them. However it seems that not all of them are behaving according. Call me naive but I still believe in good manners and diplomatic behavior.

I am not one to malign Slovakia, but what our representative had done was  in my opinion just outrageous. It was against all etiquette and when someone even if he is new to the game does such a blatant mishap, he should at least apologize to the aggravated party.

To go on a meeting even if its informal with short sleeved shirt and beige trousers is unfortunate. But to talk on the phone behind the table with all three ambassadors to watch him is absolutely horrible.

If you want to read my post go here: Politics and etiquette

And who knows Slovak can read the article here: Protokolisti: Sulík robí hanbu
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Does legality = morality?

In light of this fortnight's topic and recent posts I'd like to highlight an incident from the Uruguay/Ghana quarterfinal of the World Cup...

The game was tied 1-1 and with seconds left in the game Ghana was awarded a free kick. The ball was clearly goal-bound but Luis Suarez, managed to punch it away. It was an amazing save except for one thing. Suarez was not the goalkeeper.

Read the whole story here.

Suarez was given a red card and expelled from the game as per FIFA(International Soccer's ruling body) Guidelines. However there are many who believe that this punishment was insufficient.

To Uruguayan Soccer fans Suarez is a hero who sacrificed himself to keep his country in the tournament. Suarez stated in a post-game interview that he would so again if faced with the same circumstances.

To others(Ghana fans in particular), Suarez is a cheater who should be banned from the sport.

Much of the controversy in professional circles has been about whether FIFA should impose additional penalties to discouraged such calculated rule-breaking.

Personally I fall into the first camp. Suarez had a choice, take the penalty, or have his team eliminated or take the penalty. He chose the latter and I can respect that.

But what do you think? is Suarez a hero or villian?

9/11 Care Bill in Jeopardy

WASHINGTON—On the eve of a long-awaited vote in Congress on Thursday on a bill to provide health care for sick Ground Zero workers, Republicans and Democrats lashed out at each other over what is expected to be a losing cause.

More than eight years after the 9/11 attacks, the effort to provide long-term treatment for thousands who became ill after working at the World Trade Center site is on the verge of failing in the House due to a bitter argument over immigration, health care and the coming election.

Even before the vote, Democrats faulted Republicans for opposing the bill because it pays for the program by re-applying a tax on foreign-registered firms with U.S. operations. The GOP called that a tax hike; Democrats said the move closes a tax loophole, and suggested those who oppose the bill are putting corporate wealth ahead of sick first responders.

"There is a choice here: Either support the bill and the victims of 9/11 or oppose it because of foreign corporate interests trying to avoid taxes here in the United States,'' said Rep. Joseph Crowley, a Queens Democrat, who said he's frustrated that no one on the Republican side seems willing to negotiate a solution to the impasse.



This article convinces me - as if I needed convincing - that there are no sacred cows. Count on Congress to play partisanship games to avoid helping the people who attended multiple funerals of their co-workers, and inhaled fiberglass, asbestos fibers, pulverized concrete, lead, mercury, cadmium, dioxins, and PCB's in the course of the cleanup.

For the Republican Party, who has declared this a "new entitlement program", I hope your members voting against it have the decency to remove their little flag lapel pins. Better yet, swallow them and choke.