June 5th, 2010


This is Obama's Battle of Thermopylae

A couple of kids over at Fark are playing with the "This is Obama's Hurricane Katrina" media meme. A selection of their results:

This is Obama's Great Northern War

This is Obama's Priestley Riots

This is Obama's Battle of Bushy Run

This is Obama's Daikatana

This is Obama's Burning of the Philadelphia

This is Obama's Great Sky River

This is Obama's St. Anger

This is Obama's cancellation of Family Guy

This is Obama's R44

This is Obama's Windows Millennium Edition

This is Obama's Edsel

This is Obama's New Coke

This is Obama's Star Trek Generations

It's been a hard week. Have some fun. Which ones would you add?
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Heads Up, Hitler-Was-a-Leftist Revisionists!

Because one of your boosters, Glenn Beck, just accidentally stuck his foot clean through Godwin's Law and cut himself badly in the process.

Glenn Beck, 6/5/10:

– this is a book, The Red Network, this came in from 1936. People, McCarthy was absolutely right. Now he may not have, he may have used bad tactics, but he was absolutely right. This is a book, and I’m getting a ton of these from people who where doing what we’re doing now. We now are documenting who all of these people are. Well, there were Americans in the first fifty years of this nation, that took this seriously, and they documented it, and this is from 1936 and in it it talks about…it’s all, it’s the Who’s Who and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots.

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