May 14th, 2010


Racial profiling?

A Valley man says he was pulled over Wednesday morning and questioned when he arrived at a weigh station for his commercial vehicle along Val Vista and the 202 freeway.

Abdon, who did not want to use his last name, says he provided several key pieces of information but what he provided apparently was not what was needed.

He tells 3TV, “I don't think it's correct, if I have to take my birth certificate with me all the time.”

Surprised that nobody has posted this yet.  It is making way on the infoweb pretty quickly.  I picked up from another journal this morning.  It looks as if the truck driver was in the right though I am curious to hear the other side of the story.

Is this a taste of things to come or just police upholding the law to the letter?  Did the police make a mistake and abuse their power?  Do you think that this guy has a case for a lawsuit?

Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial-profiling | Phoenix News | Arizona News | | Arizona News

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How Did We Get Here?

Maybe it was Pat Buchanan saying that we didn't need any more Jews on the Supreme court. Maybe it was Lewis Black's hilarious takedown of Glenn Beck's Nazi meme. Maybe it was both things things, combined with the Roger Ebert/Caleb Howe incident, the latest example of the insane, right wing dehumanization which has been becoming more and more "normal." Maybe it's the fact that Arizona has banned ethnic studies in its public schools. Maybe it's the fact that "empathy" is now treated as a dirty word by many right wingers.

Whatever, the reason, I felt the urge this morning to rummage back among my files and find an essay I wrote about a decade ago, about a new mantra I'd begun encountering online -- the too-ridiculous-to-even-refute claim that Hitler was a leftist.

It's worth posting again, and worth reading again, keeping in mind that it was originally written in the summer of the year 2000:

Hitler Was a Leftist": The New Revisionism

Did you know that Hitler was a Leftist? That Africans have been scientifically proven to be inherently less intelligent than Europeans? That Al Gore once said, "Democrats understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child"?

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To the TEA party people:

1) Can I get y'all on board for a campaign to eliminate the DEA? (wasteful govt/10th amendment)
2) Just who the hell can we tax?

Can't tax the rich (I've tried talking to people about that--they flip their shit "wall street provides jobs! we can't tax them! they'll leave the state!")
Taxing the poor wouldn't raise much money

And the middle class is the hardworking backbone of America, so we shouldn't be taxing them.

So just who the hell can we tax?

Thank you. Enjoy your tea.
Groovy Kol

1 month pre-World Cup

There's less than a month remaining until the start of the FIFA World Cup 2010, easily the first event of such magnitude to be held on the African continent. And naturally, everyone here is getting very excited. There was a post 5 months ago, which pretty much reflected the general excitement among the local populace and that of the international organisers of the event. And the progress of the preparations since then has given reasons for that optimism to be confirmed somewhat, even though the expectations are a little more sober and modest today than they used to be at first.

I guess this optimism, even in the face of some serious obstacles which the organisers encountered on the long way to 2010, could be attributed to a specific cultural feature of the SA nation, as explained in a broader sense in another post.

But i'd like to look at the issue from a more neutral point of view - as if thats possible in my case at all, being a former active football player on a semipro level, and simultaneously a SA-based expat, currently. But i'll try.

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