April 24th, 2010

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A modest proposal:

To the contemporary white supremacists who pro-claim themselves "pro-"legal" immigration".

I believe you are all aware, gentlemen, that the establishments of the two foreign encroachments by the barbarians termed Jamestown and Plymouth was quite illegal. The Americans never made such deals with those foreigners who were buying our land and taking our women. Yet nowadays the descendants of these illegal immigrants propose to remove the descendants of other illegal immigrants. I propose a fair and equitable trade: since the first group of illegal immigrants took land both from we Americans and the Spaniard interlopers, I suggest that in the interest of America for the Americans, we establish a united polity of Indigenous peoples, and sue to have these illegal immigrants and their descendants removed.

These men came in, took food from us and took our jobs. They did this in perfect ill-faith, and I believe, O spirits from Beyond the Grave that we can outdo Montezuma and the Diarrhea of Doom in revenging ourselves. Who's with me?

-Your obedient servant,


Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News

The New York Times media section has a great article by Brian Selter examing Jon Stewart's ongoing feud with Fox News, the most recent involving Bernie Goldberg and Bill O'Reilly. It's a detailed look at how in a weird way, Jon Stewart IS a journalist by virtue of his fact checking and exposing Fox News for what it truly is, because the mainstream media outlets will not. The bigger question for me (excluding MSNBC) is why doesn't MSM do a better job of taking on Fox News?

Fox News suggested that President Obama's nuclear summit logo was using the Islamic crescent.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are long gone. Fox News Channel is Jon Stewart’s new enemy No. 1. Last week that comedian did something that the hosts of “Fox & Friends,” the morning show on Fox News, did not do: he had his staff members call the White House and ask a question.

It may have been in pursuit of farce, not fact, but it gave credence to the people who say “The Daily Show” is journalistic, not just satiric. “Fox & Friends” had repeatedly asked whether the crescent-shaped logo of the nuclear security summit was an “Islamic image,” one selected by President Obama in his outreach to the Muslim world. The White House told “The Daily Show” that the logo was actually based on the Rutherford-Bohr model of the atom. “This is how relentless Fox is” in savaging President Obama, Mr. Stewart said.

On the subject of Fox, Mr. Stewart is pretty relentless too. As demonstrated by that crescent segment and dozens of others since Mr. Obama took office, he may well be television’s pre-eminent fact-checker of Fox News, the nation’s highest-rated cable news channel. It has been noticed by, among other people, the Fox host Bill O’Reilly, who called Mr. Stewart a “devoted critic” of Fox News and said “his influence is growing.”

“Stewart does a great job of using comedy to expose the tragedy that is Fox News, and he also underscores the seriousness of it,” said Eric Burns, the president of Media Matters. The segments about Fox are often replayed hundreds of thousands of times on blogs and other Web sites, amplifying their significance. “Media criticism has become part of his brand,” said Mark Jurkowitz, the associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism, who noted that Mr. Stewart had also dissected CNN and CNBC in lengthy segments in the past.

It is true that the often-left-leaning “Daily Show” deals with a wide array of topics, but Fox is one that Mr. Stewart is overtly passionate about; he said on the show this week that he criticizes the network a lot because it is “truly a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization.”

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Panic at Morning Joe

This week, Joan Walsh created a sensation on Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe by asking the million-dollar question:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: ...I think it helps us all to say there are extreme voices on the left, there are extreme voices on the right, and it's our responsibility to call out people, I believe, on our side.

JOAN WALSH: Who would you have me call out? I mean who would you say on the left is comparable to Rush and...

SCARBOROUGH: Don't do it.

MIKA BREZEZINSKI: Mmm-mmm! No thanks, Joan. We're good. We're good.

Really, this has to be seen to be believed. Just reading the transcript doesn’t truly capture the sheer offensiveness of it.

Pertinent question! Red Alert! Red Alert! Danger Level 10! Repeat, Danger Level 10! Emote! Emote! Emote! Grade-school mimicry flashback imperative! DO NOT ANSWER QUESTION, repeat, DO NOT ANSWER QUESTION! LALALALALALA can't hear Joan Walsh! LALALALALA! Posture! Emote! Emote….!

And the answer is..

There is no left-wing equivalent to Rush Limbaugh.

Or Glenn Beck.

And they know it.
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Online Activism And Political Involvement

It is easy to become caught up with the online world. There is a certain wonder with meeting people on the other side of the world with similar interests, to share stories, to swap tips ... and to argue incessantly about some of the most seemingly trivial things; I swear I've seen a knitting flamewar. Such discussions can amaze observers who do not have those interests and compare very poorly with the necessity of involvement in politics; "... the chief penalty is to be governed by someone worse if a man will not himself hold office and rule." (Plato, The Republic, Book I, 347-C). Politics however, like any other interest, is subject to such debates and distractions. For someone who wants to be a serious political activist, to make real changes in the world, this is a problem. The following are some suggestions on how to manage online activism in a manner that furthers actual social change.

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