April 18th, 2010

Quaero togam pacem.

Tourists On Death Row

Here's another hypothetical situation taken from the NationStates game, where you're the benevolent/malevolent ruler of your own state. Last time it was about sex education, and Miss Spirit the Sex Teacher won by a landslide.

Here's another issue, where the possible answers are deliberately made a bit extremer than they would have been in reality. So let's see what you think on this one.

The Issue

A group of holidaymakers from [Insert Country Name] have been arrested while visiting the scenic, yet corrupt and totalitarian, nation of Maxtopia on charges of drug trafficking - an offense which carries the maximum sentence of the death penalty. The story has provoked outrage from citizens, many believing the government should intervene to bring the tourists back home.

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Fox News and the Tea Party

During the tax day Tea Party brouhaha, Sean Hannity had the rug pulled from under him by Fox News. He was scheduled to appear at a rally but at the last minute they yanked the leash and put him back in the kennel, supposedly because they had just learned that the organization running the event was selling tickets to Hannity's appearance.

It's no secret that Fox News has been heavily promoting the Tea Party all year. What I'd like to ask you, especially my conservative/tea party friends is this: how would you feel if CNN or even a network like CBS were to promote the Democratic Party as much as Fox News promotes the Tea Party? Honestly, would you not be up in arms over it? Hell even I would, and I'm an arch liberal. *twirls mustache*

How do you spell Eyjafjallajökull?

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So, the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull continues to spew black ashes into the stratosphere, causing havoc all across the European airports. It's not a nice picture: people stranded in the waiting saloons without any prospect of returning to their homes for a week or more, unless they cough up some extra cash and charge themselves with enormous patience to hit the road on the bus or train (but good luck with finding tickets!) Personally, I'm having hard times finding anything useful to do, since I have no work these days (I work at an airline). Hence the apparent procrastination on LJ, and silly posts like this one. Duh.

But seriously. You see, you may think this is just some curious incident which only shows how insignificant our daily scuffle is when compared to the power of nature; and sure, I'd be willing to join the chorus of jesters by saying that there has been a message circulating the European interwebs these days, saying:

Put 30 billion euros in unmarked bills in a bag by the gate of the Icelandic embassy in London, like you more or less did with Greece, and we’ll turn off the volcano. Yours, the Icelanders.

By the way, would you like a lesson from a real Icelander about the way you pronounce 'Eyjafjallajökull'? It's nothing like what you think. It's pronounced:


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Tea Party and Gay Rights

I'm sorry but it's another domestic US politics post :D

I have a question for all of you tea party goers and conservatives here!

One of the themes of the Tea Party protests is limited government. Do you understand it as only limit on fiscal involvement of government in our lives, or does it include the limit on social involvement as well?

If you are for personal liberty and constitutionally limited government, do you support gay rights? If not, why not?  Do you support gay marriage? If you don't, would you support gay civil union/partnership with all the rights straight married couples get? And, again, why not?

And my liberal friends, have you ever had a discussion about gay rights/marriage with your conservative counterparts? Have you asked them these questions?