March 5th, 2010

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I was surprised that CNN (Campbell Brown) actually caught and highlighted an Obama hypocrite moment.

Here is some video of multiple times where Obama said that a 60% majority was needed and not a 50-plus-1 majority, to pass health care, to make a significant change, to get it to his desk. The important clip is the one from 2007.

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And here is Obama now:
Obama replied that the public isn't too interested in Senate procedures. But he said, "I think most Americans think that a majority vote makes sense."

(I can't find a video from the Campbell Brown show that likely presented it better than I'm doing, but you should get the gist of it.)

Story Time!

Greetings retrograde republicans compassionate conservatives and laudable liberals--it's story time!

Little Johnny is sitting at home one day, playing video games. He hears a knock on the door; he goes to get it. A woman standing there asks him if his mom or dad is home. He says yes and goes to get his dad.

His dad goes to the door and talks to this woman. Johnny returns to his video games. After a short while Johnny gets curious--what is this woman talking to his daddy about. So he pauses his video game and walks over to the door. He doesn't fully understand what is being talked about so he goes back to his games. When he hears the door shut he goes and asks his dad what that was all about.

His dad says this:

"Well son, that woman was working on getting my state senator to pass a law that would require companies with over 50 employees to give those workers a small number employees paid sick days."
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