January 5th, 2010

More proof that liberals are better for economic growth.

Thanks to brucenstein for this awesome graph.

Notice how the decades with the highest growth (the 1940s and the 1960s) were also great decades for liberalism. The 1940s gave us FDR and his evil New Deal, along with Truman. The 1960s gave us JFK, LBJ, and the even more evil Great Society. But contrary to what free-market nutjobs would have us believes, those government programs actually worked. Compare their accomplishments to those of the Reagan 80s or the Bush 00s (since Obama has only been in office for one year - the rest of the decade was all Bush and the Republicans), and it's clear that conservative/libertarian policies are inferior.
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Russians will answer for everything

Being Russian in a contemporary world seems to be as interesting as being Jew before the Second World War – you are constantly getting to know something new about yourself. You either directly participate in all the evil deeds in the world or you are suspected of it. “Hand of Kremlin”, “Intrigues of KGB” and “Russian trace” became an explanation for every shady deal. French have a beautiful saying “Chercher la femme[3]”. So, when some modern politician gets into a pretty mess he just has to start to “Chercher la Russe” to acquit the intent looks of his countrymen.

What's your take on West-Russia relationship in the 21st century? Do we treat Russia unfairly? Demand more from them than we would have asked from ourselves?

My body, god-damnit!

To begin: IANAL.
I love that acronym.

It used to be the case that suicide was a felony in many of the states of the United States. Up until the 70's it was that way in a few states. To date, it is not a felony in any, to my knowledge. However it is still a "common law crime".

I do not understand what possible justification the government can come up with for this level of absurdity.

It's *my fucking life* and if *I* want to end it, why should the government interfere? Obviously, if I succeed in my suicide attempt then there isn't much a government agency can do about it, but if my suicide attempt fails somehow and the government then decides to mandate that I get "mental help" for six months (or however long it is) while the government is acting in a laudable way, it's beyond it's legit powers.

I put forth here this argument:

P1) I own my body
P2) Included in the rights of ownership is the right to destroy
C1) I have the right to destroy my body

Let me also add to this post that I'm not depressed and any ad-hominems about my mental state are uncalled for and unwanted. A little humor is fine, but nobody need question my mental stability. I'm not suicidal and I don't advocate it--I *do* however, have an issue with the government, any government, attempting to tell me or anyone else, what I or they can do *with their own body*.

Let's discuss this; I've shared my view; anybody disagree? Anybody think that the govt *should* criminalize suicide/attempted suicide?