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Monthly topic

All right folks, here's the thing you chose for a monthly topic for April:

Lessons From Around the World

This is promising to be a fascinating subject, eh? Not that we haven't been having a steady stream of worldwide topics, but still. There are tons of cases from around the world that could serve as either positive or negative lessons in politics.

So here are some details on the topic.

- The global financial crisis: examples of its effects, and of ways of handling it.
- Climate change, energy policy and technology: examples of modernisation.
- Poverty and prosperity, social nets, disaster relief and foreign aid.
- Gun laws, crime control, law enforcement: examples.
- Examples of democracy in action. Various election systems.
- Global environmental issues and various ways of tackling them.
- International relations, national security, terrorism and surveillance.
- Economy, trade, labour and corporate issues; consumption and consumerism.
- Sustainable development examples from around the world.
- Culture, ethnicity, religion and race around the world.
- The right person at the right time: exemplary leaders and their policies worth emulating.
- Curious historical, cultural and political peculiarities of the peoples.

And here's the poll for May:

Poll #1962984 Monthly topic
This poll is closed.

What should be the next monthly topic?

Democracy & totalitarianism
Minority rights & discrimination
Globalism & nationalism
The role of government
Fringe ideologies & communities
Failed states & rogue regimes

Feel free to suggest more topics.
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