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Putin`s Russia Medicare...

Mr. Putin in his article in NY Times wrote about Syria:

"I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation".

So Mr.Putin, the ordinary Third World dictator is teaching America about "exceptianalism". Wow! I also read sen. McCain reply (in Russian) to in (which is btw just a tabloid now). Senator said many good words to the Russian people but ... But I would like to propose a rather different response to Mr.Putin lectures in NY Times.

Putin`s  regime in fact  is a sort of  the militarist cleptocracy not very far from Syria, Algeria and other Middle East shitholes. The medicine as well as infrastructure and other social needs arent the government priority at all. The results of such a politics (Putin is ruling Russia since 2000, in fact - even since 1999) are deplorables for the ordinary citizens.

Below -  a serie of photos from Russian state-owned hospitals. All photos - from their patients, made in different cities in 2010-2013. All cities except 2 are at least 100 000 inhabitans, the majority - 300-500 000. The Third World Shithole as it is...

Saint-Peterburg. 5+ millions inhabitants. The Pediatric hospital at 5,Matrosova str. Year 2012.

This is hospital of Saint-Peterburg Pediatric Univercity.

yes, the Univercity

Furmanov, central Russia (200 km to the east of Moscow) . The local pediatric hospital. 2012

Tver. Central Russia. The City Hospital, Pediatric Dept. 2012

The same hospital.

Vladimir. Central Russia. The City Hospital, Pediatric Dept. 2012

Astrakhan. South Russia. The Tuberculosis Clinic for children. 2011.

The same clinic.

Rostov-on-Don. South Russia. 1+ million inhabitants. The City Pediatric polyclinic №45. 2013.

Corolev.10 km from Moscow. The City Hospital, Pediatric Dept. 2012.

Perm. Ural region. . 1+ million inhabitants. The City Hospital №13, Pediatric Dept. 2012

The same hospital. The bed for patients.

Shakhty. South Russia. The City Pediatric Hospital. 2012

Cheboksary. Central Russia. The City Pediatric Hospital №2.  2011

The same hospital.

Arkhangelsk. North Russia. The City hospital, Pediatric Dept. 2010

Miass, Ural region.The City hospital  №4, Pediatric Dept. 2011.
Russian nuclear missliles for submarines are produced right in this city.

The same hospital.

Barnaul. Siberia. The city Hospital №11, Pediatric Dept. 2012.

The same hospital.

Novosibirsk. Siberia. 1+ million inhabitants. The City Pediatric Hospital №3. 2010.

Vladivostok. Russian Far East (Pacific). The Pediatric Hospital №1. 2012.

Ekaterinburg.Ural region. 1+ million inhabitants. The city Hospital #23. 2013.

The same hospital.

Yakuts. Siberia. The City Perinatal Medical Center. 2013.
It`s a douche for patients.

Mglin. Central Russia.  Deep inside. The local rural hospital. 2010.

The same hospital.

huh... so , folks, when you`ll see the next Vlad`s article in NY Times about global politis - recall these photos from the country Vlad is ruling since 2000.

Original post (in Russian) with all the links to the sources of photos is here.

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