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Okay. When?

Here is what we know.

A gunman walked into an elementary school this morning and opened fire.

We're getting conflicting reports about the death toll. Twenty-seven dead, 18 of them children. Twenty dead, 10 of them children. Twenty-six dead...

The president has released a statement. He says "Now is not the time" to have a conversation about our gun laws.


When? How long is the interval after a mass shooting when we can have this talk?

I ask because, looking over the past year, it's hard to find a really broad window in between mass shootings where the gun people would deem it "appropriate" to have this discussion.

Last February, there was the shooting in the school cafeteria (3 dead), and the shooting at a health spa (5 dead.)
In April, there was the Oikos University shooting here in the Bay Area (7 dead)
In May, a guy opened fire in a Seattle Cafe (5 dead)
In July, we had the Aurora Theater shootings (12 dead)
In August, the gunman at the Sikh temple (6 dead)
In September, a workplace shooting at Accent Signage (5 dead)
Just a few days ago, there was that shooting at the mall in Oregon (3 dead)

So I'd really like to get a high sign from the gun people about when we can have this very serious talk. Preferably, I guess, it would be at some point when memorials were not being planned and relatives of the dead not struggling to cope in the wake of yet another mass shooting.

When would that be in this country?

Tags: gun laws, violence
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