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An inquiry (primarily) for still independent/undecided voters

With less than a week remaining until the voting stations are opened, and America picks up the lesser among two evils ... the next Antichrist ... the guy who will shortly preside until the impending Mayan apocalypse, here is a question that has been torturing this blonde head recently... not letting me sleep at night, constantly wondering. So far I may have avoided delving into the stinky corners of US elections, but how can one resist the temptation to fall prey to the dark side of American politics and mount that bandwagon? (Did I say mount?) So, do have mercy and help me put those demons to rest by settling the issue once and for all! Everyone needs some sleep! =)

My question, should you choose to accept the challenge, is mostly directed at those among the American audience who are not yet 100% decided which candidate they would cast their vote for. Or who have at least some doubts, or who do not fully agree with this candidate's platform or the other (I know, they do have platforms, initially I couldn't believe it either). Or just take part even if you have already made up your mind but you feel you have something to say.

The question is this: Being still not-entirely-decided, is there anything that could decisively swing your vote in one direction or the other, and make you a convinced supporter of one candidate over the other, even if you had previously had other intentions? And what could that be?

Is it the way they look, walk and talk? Or are the presidential debates really that decisive for you? Or is it the way they have responded to the recent disaster? Or some words they incidentally dropped along the way, which has made you say "Wow, this is my guy", or conversely, "Wait, what? How in the world could I support this guy!?" Or is it something else they might have done down the campaign trail that has suddenly appealed/disgusted you? Or perhaps someone from their campaign, or from their camp who has swayed your sympathies either towards or against candidate A or candidate B?

Really, what is it that campaigns are aiming at, when they are targeting the so called "undecided" voters, particularly in (but not limited to) "swing" states? Do you (those who are still not 100% decided at this point) wait to see how each of the two would handle particular issues that you personally care about and which you are invested into? Or is it just a whim that would turn you either way? And do you care at all?

Probably the majority of people have already made their choice, and would not be swayed no matter what. For one reason or another. Still, I would be interested to have their take on the matter too. So here is what we will do. I hope I still remember how to create an LJ poll. =)

Poll #1875846 Hey, the undecided, what would swing you to vote for this candidate or the other?

What is the most decisive factor that would ultimately make up your mind at the ballots?

Do they look presidential? It's important that they should look, behave and talk like a leader.
When the other guy screws up badly, it is a sign this guy is less worse than his opponent.
The debates on TV. He totally pwned the other guy, I'm so very amazed!
I looked at the circle he has surrounded himself with, I prefer those guys to the others.
My neighborhood is underwater, let's see what he had done about that!
The VP pick of the other guy is dismal. This guy's VP can at least say two sentences in a row.
I heard about this scandalous story on the media and there's no way I am voting for that guy.
I'm a one-trick pony for the most part - I care about one or two issues, and he's on my page.
I made a quick fact-check™ and I found out this guy lies much less than the other one.
Because I like teh Lulz so much, I am going to vote for the evil guy, just to watch my country burn.
I don't know, I will probably flip a coin or something. Who did you say the candidates were?
Meh. I have picked a side no matter what, you cannot divert me away from the correct path at this point!
They both suck, they do not represent me, I don't give a damn and I'm not going to vote on this election.
Hey, what about non-Americans? This poll is yet another Americentric piece of crap, so piss off!

Touch, pause, engage!
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