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First of all, a visual orgasm for y'all:

The breathtaking new images that reveal the violence of a solar flare - and the beautiful aurora it created on earth

* Radiation from the eruption set to hit earth within hours, creating a 'moderate geomagnetic storm'
* Incredible phenomenon could give new insight into how solar eruptions affect electricity supplied on earth

The images are amazing...

All right, first of all this is hardly the Earth-shattering event that would wipe out civilization as we know it, and other blabla bla... And the bulk of it is not even headed exactly our way anyway; so it's more of a scientific/layman's interest rather than a matter of grave concern, etc. Whatever. My point is different:

Let's imagine for a minute a hypothetical situation where we have an Earth that's just been struck by a massive hyper-mega-ultra-super-duper solar storm, that has rendered all existing technology ultimately dead. Let's imagine we've woken one morning in a world where electricity no longer reaches our homes and streets, the Internet doesn't exist, there are no mobile communications...

Hell, why not extend that to cars, other types of transportation, television, microwaves, subway, clocks, weather forecasts, anything. ANYthing technological beyond the mere coal oven.

Question. Would that truly cause a collapse of civilization? No, not "civilization as we know it", because that'll certainly be the case. I'm talking the dissolution of society. Now, I'm aware mankind has fared pretty decently in the conditions of past non-technological eras, but here we're talking of the sudden disappearance of modern technologies. That's an abrupt change by any measure.

So what's your subsequent scenario? How would things develop from there? Would we finally get the ultimate libertarian anarchistic utopia? What about the banking/finance system? They'd stop working, right? What about industry, trade, and the political process? I mean elections, democracy, represenative bodies, legislation, crime and justice, international relations, national security and terrorism?

Wouldn't the shepherds living high in the mountain and the hippies living in the dusty wilderness, and the Amish living in their modest self-sufficient communities, be the fittest to survive? Would agriculture become #1 occupation again? Would there be millions of deaths, wars for resources? Or reverting to a more close-to-earth approach to life? How would social mores change, how would religions fare, etc etc?

Yeah, try to imagine a world where you'd be unable to even access Livejournal! OMG, THE HORRORS!!!

Now imagine this has already happened earlier today. What would be the first thing you'd do?
Tags: hypothesis, space, technology
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