yes peace (yes_justice) wrote in talk_politics,
yes peace

So, a Higgs boson asked a priest, "How can you have mass without me?"

Congrats to Geneva! The CERN, LHC has likely discovered the "goddamn" Higgs boson. FERMIlab is on the scent as well. Cosmologists are torn away from their telescopes and are studying the tiny particles in the colliders. Smashing tiny stuff to learn about the multiverse is extremely exciting. The standard model is accurate.

America blew our chance to discover such, in Texas, USA. We were too lame and plus we had a deficit to reduce. When we don't invest, we can't discover nice things. Today, we sheepishly defend even basic science in Texas and get predictable poor results.

It would be nice to see dark matter bottled in the United States in my lifetime, a pity I will have to settle for seeing New Orleans "drowned in a bathtub".

Tags: science
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