Johnny (kinvore) wrote in talk_politics,

Operation Fast and Furious

Hey guys! Long time no post. Forgive me if this was mentioned before (I'll promptly delete it if so), but I did a cursory scan of our fine community and didn't see much mentioned about this topic/article:

The article makes some very interesting assertions about the whole Eric Holder/ATF controversy. First of all, the entire thing appears to be a fabrication. In fact, not only were weapons NOT supplied by the ATF to cartels as we've been led to believe, but it may be the policies of groups like the NRA that actually have led to the murders of border patrol agents and to the Mexican cartels getting armed to the teeth.

I'd like to see more info on all this, but if this turns out to be true how fast do you think the GOP will try to spin their way out of this fiasco of their own making? Will the so-called liberal media even cover this pesky possibility? Or will they continue their gutless trend of sacrificing truth on the altar of "fairness"?
Tags: gun laws
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