Three Laws Safe (meus_ovatio) wrote in talk_politics,
Three Laws Safe

A Dangerous Proposal and Accountability In Action

Let me begin with an untenable and outrageous proposition: put hungry babies at voting booths and see how people vote. This of course wouldn't be allowed, since we're not allowed to influence people's vote... ok we are allowed to influence people's votes, just not for the few hours they are voting.

This unconscionable proposal is meant to introduce a concept. This concept is one of responsibility. Accountability, if you will. Much of political thought revolves around theories concerning "what is my problem" and "what is your problem". More than this, what does the act of voting entail?

I believe that the act of voting entails the assumption of everyone else's problems. That is, by choosing to actively engage in democracy, all those things that aren't "your problem", magically become "your problem". Why? Because you are, in fact and in deed, acting and deciding on those problems.

So are you truly responsible for hungry babies that you don't know or care about? I would say so, at least as much as you engage in democracy. For whatever else moral reasoning we might leverage, choosing of your own free will to make decisions about hungry babies makes you responsible for hungry babies. This is the fundamental ramification of democracy. In it you gain representation. For it, you become responsible for things that are not otherwise your problem.

So I propose the following to conservatives: stop voting, and make your words true. It isn't your problem, after all.
Tags: democracy
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