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and so, the durp begins...

So it looks like we got ourselves a horse race. One horse is named Hurp, and the other one Durp. Or is that Derp? For the first full election cycle, we have Super-Pacs at Full Battle $trength, and churning the hubris by the 30 second airtime segment.

On the left, we have Left Side, They support Hurp
To Durp's wingman on the right, we have...Right Side. Yeah, I did them out of order just to fuck with you OCD/Aspie types.

Durp say blah. Hurp jumps on with carefully edited blah, and makes Durp like like a...Durp.

Durps side calls foul, and crafts a response.

Repeat until the money run$ dry. Who wins? We know who gets the influence. But all that PAC dough: who gets the money, the real winner?

MEDIA WINS. Wow, you would think that media would have a vested interest in keeping the blah flowing, because where there is blah, there is revenue! Free Market!

So, WTF people? Is the National Elections all a clever media manipulation to get the rich Hurps n Durps to divert hard earned Free Market Money to the Media Manipulators? Are we all part of the Hurp n Durp Show, playing audience and sponsor?

I propose that we all turn off our TV's, magazines, billboards, bus stops, computers, walk away from the internet for 8 months, and see what the Free Market does to the Media Moguls. If that is too extreme, when you see an ad, and want their product or service, go find a small business that can't afford both payroll and a spiffy TV spot.

Total Media Boycott. Who's with me? *charges up hill ------->*

There is some serious shit in this post, you just have to dig to find it. Like treasure.

Or, you can do the sane thing and vote for Gary Johnson for POTUS. He will give ya what ya need©!
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