frodomyhero (frodomyhero) wrote in talk_politics,

Slowly people are understanding about fracking and alternatives.

I'm very happy to say that all the last 2 years of work is finally paying off. Last night's local meeting at my town board proved that if people are on the fence about something (fracking) and you can educate them and listen to their fears, then work with them; they begin to understand and begin to see why fracking is eventually going to kill us all. That's why in NY we need to ban fracking. And I believe- the tides have turned, we are virtually even now pro/con. I believe the more we are able to educate people the more they realize how deadly this is and we will stop it.
As I always say, we have lived before without gas and oil. We can't live without water and air.
The future is in bio-fuels Algae is our next fuel. Easy, economical, doesn't ruin the enviornoment, helps create jobs. I'm ready to invest in this guy's company down in Florida
Tags: energy, oil
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