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Obama's Water War Woes

Sometimes, no matter how liberal one is (in the 'labeled' sense, of course!), the facts speak for themselves when it comes to the ridiculous lengths the Federal Government will go to follow the letter of the law.

Take the Water Wars in Tuscon, Arizona. Please. It is a 5 minute read,  detailing at how local interests clash with the needs of..owls. This story is a fascinating look at how locals clash with the Federals, without the buffer of the state.

The city sits in the desert but gets most of its water from springs in the Huachuca Mountains. Some of the springs are in a wilderness area protected by the U.S. Forest Service. From the Huachucas, the water runs 26 miles east to Tombstone through one of the longest gravity-fed water systems in the country.
Tombstone's water line was damaged in last year's massive Monument fire. The city says the feds are blocking emergency repairs that are critical to its survival.
In court papers, lawyers for the federal government say there's no emergency. Instead, they contend, Tombstone is using the fire's aftermath as an excuse to "upgrade and improve" its water system.
Kathleen Nelson, the acting ranger in charge of the Coronado National Forest, says the Forest Service has been letting Tombstone do some work, as long as it complies with the 1964 Wilderness Act.
In the wilderness, Tombstone can dig with shovels, not bulldozers. The new pipe can come up the mountain on horses, not in trucks.

Tombstone says that's no way to respond to a crisis that imperils the lives and property of its residents.

Story goes on to detail the legal wherefores, the fascinating cast of characters, dramaz and Shovel Brigades that can only be found in the last bastion of uniqueness and individualism, small town USA. *spits tobacco* Classic Locals vs Feds.

Perhaps Tombstone can simply call an 800 number and report the issue to the EPA.

Sweeping all legal claims aside, do you think the Forest Service has gone to extra lengths to deny Thirsty Tourists of Tombstone the right of way of a pipeline that existed long before there was a Forest Service?
And what does Barrack Obama have to do with any of this?

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