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Rendering unto Caesar: Roman Intervention in America Politics‏

A few weeks back I heard a story of a Catholic nun who had been "silenced" by the Vatican. A reporter interviewing her asked how she could consent to the interview given her status with respect to being silenced. She remarked that tyranny only works when you cooperate with it. The story prompted me to check the Net for the latest antics of the Vatican with respect to Catholic women. What I found did not surprise me, but it may come as a shock to people who are naive to Roman interference in American politics.

The Vatican seems to be attempting to organize its forces for the coming election. They are using their despotic authority in an effort to get American Church officials to conform to the Vatican campaign platform. The power of excommunication has been threatened in the cases of Catholic officials who refuse to obey their Roman "superiors." It is clear that the forces of ignorance have their knickers in a twist over policy differences here in the US.

Those of us who have been raised outside of Roman ritual can not easily comprehend the significance of the process of excluding Catholics from communion. We can only imagine the fear that such an act inspires in the heart of the superstitious. I suppose it would be like having dad tell you that he will kick you out of the house if you do not stop smoking cannabis. Some kids would kowtow to the ban where others would hit the streets and camp out with the gang from Hippie Hill. "You can't kick me out if I don't live there anymore."

The latter day version of the Inquisition has issued a rebuke to American women in the Church who have failed to toe the Party Line from Rome on issues of interest to Roman domination (Full text here.). An organization of religious Catholic women was cited for not being adequately vocal in opposition to American civil liberties such as birth control and gay marriage. Members of the organization have even gone so far as to advocate the ordination of women clerics. The inquisitors from Rome (and San Francisco) have attacked the group for espousing "radical feminism."

Although some see this recent action as being the result of a lengthy process, the political timing points to an interference in American politics. The organization became a burr in the Roman saddle when it took a stand against Roman bishops in favor of health care reform. The inquisitorial action of imposing male supervision over the women's organization comes during the presidential election campaign season and is chartered to extend through the next presidential election in 2016.

There are a variety of perspectives on this action from lay leaders in the US. Some Catholic men side with the freedom of their female compatriots where others stand firmly behind the Vicar of Caesar Jesus and his inquisitors. Here is an opinion piece from a Catholic at the Washington Post on the totalitarian aspects of the Vatican's actions. A woman who lobbies Congress on social justice issues credits education for the position of women at the vanguard of social reform. Here is a humorous piece on the affair by a Dominican monastic.

Do you see this as a form of interference in American politics? Do you support the Vatican in their efforts to homogenize the message of the Church? What would Jesus say?
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