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Russian view on war 1941-1945

Tomorrow Russia celebrates The Victory Day (over nazi Germany). During The World War II Germany attacked USSR on 22 of June 1941 and capitulated at 22:43 on 8 of may 1945. It was already 9 of May in Moscow, so in Russia the Victory Day is celebrated on 9 of May.
I recommend to visit a very informative site that represents the Russian view on war. Rare photos and videos from the fronts, interview with former soldiers of that war, the whole story of Eastern front from heavy first defeats to great victory in Berlin. The Russian site is translated into English. Here is the link:



I will give my opinion as it is needed for this community.
Russian society is split into many political groups but for all of them Victory Day remains a sacret date. USSR lost 26 million people (not to mention wounded)in that war. Millions got in German concentration camps and died there. But It seems that for many people in western countries "Soviet period" of World war II is almost unknown. So this site is going to inform those who are interested in the history of WWII.
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