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Monthly Topic

Hey, May is here! Can you sniff the summer already? Or winter? (Depending if you're on the right or the wrong side of the Equator hehe). Okay, time for your regular installment of the Monthly Topic. The one that you guys chose to be the topic for May, is...

Free Speech and Political Correctness

A tricky one, isn't it? (Did I say 'tit'? drat...) It's a broad topic, but still, here are some points it could or couldn't include:

- The right to freedom of speech and expression.
- The Enlightenment and the concept of free thought.
- Free speech and the right to privacy.
- Dissent and truth.
- Taboo in social norm and religion.
- Censorship as a political tool.
- State secrets and prevention of attention.
- Media transparency.
- Self-censorship and creative censorship.
- Limitations to the freedom of speech.
- Academic freedom and scientific freedom.
- The internet and the information society.
- Internet censorship.
- Freedom of thought in democracy and in totalitarian society.
- Hate speech, racism, homophobia, hate crime.
- Laws against Holocaust denial.
- Controversial episodes concerning free speech.
- Whistleblowing and investigative journalism.
- Right to pornography.
- Freenet, Hacktivismo, Wikileaks and information activism.
- Political correctness: the evolution of language.
- Politicization of science.
- Politically correct euphemisms.
- Symbolic speech and speech code.
- Dictatorship of the majority opinion, heckler's veto.

And here's the poll for June:

Poll #1837592 Monthly topic
This poll is closed.

What should be the next monthly topic?

Nationalism & Chauvinism, Patriotism & Jingoism
War & Peace, Military & Diplomacy
Ethics & Morality, Family & Sexuality
Debt & Budget, Stimulus & Austerity
Poverty & Wealth, Charity & Welfare
Honor & Treason, Alliances & Backstabbing
Tradition & Innovation In Modern Culture
Future Scenarios for World Development

(Feel free to suggest more topics).
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