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The impending race riots in Sanford Florida over the Trayvon Martin shooting

Film maker Alexandra Pelosi (she is Nancy Pelosi's daughter) produced this short for Bill Maher's HBO program Real Time with Bill Maher. Ms. Pelosi takes a closer look at the new media's claims that there was an impending race riot in Sanford Florida, with organized rallies by both the New Black Panther Party and Neo-Nazis, with incitements for violence. This post is only concerned with this as the topic; not in retrying the case again.

[Video behind the spoiler tag]

While I knew the New Black Panthers were a pretty small group despite the fixation of right wing media, but I didn't know they were this small; and I sort of laughed at the Neo-Nazi and felt embarrassed for him (the Nazi salute in front of his trailer park home). And while certainly bad news and potentially bad news draws more ratings etc, the protests that did occur in Sanford were peaceful; and there certainly weren't 'race riots.' Some have seen the Trayvon Martin shooting as a painful reminder how as a country we still have a lot of healing to do in regards to race, but seeing these extremists so isolate in Ms. Pelosi's film gives me a glimmer of hope: maybe we are a bit further along the road than we give ourselves credit for.

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