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Uzekistan Vs The Uterus: Fight!


"Every year we are presented with a plan. Every doctor is told how many women we are expected to give contraception to; how many women are to be sterilised," says a gynaecologist from the Uzbek capital, Tashkent.

Like all doctors I interviewed, she spoke on a condition of anonymity. Talking to a foreign journalist could result in a prison term, in a country where torture in detention is the norm.

"There is a quota. My quota is four women a month," she says.

Two other medical sources suggest that there is especially strong pressure on doctors in rural areas of Uzbekistan, where some gynaecologists are expected to sterilise up to eight women per week.

It almost goes without saying that this is horrible. While I support population control in general I certainly don't think that doctors should be lying to and tricking patients for any reason and most certainly not because they were ordered to by the government. It's no wonder Uzbekistan has long been on the outs with the international community.

That said, even if relations have been defrosting a bit I don't really think that there's much other countries can do here. Uzebekistan was under sanctions for a long time so that's old hat to them. I'd say simple bad pulicity would be far more effective than anything else.

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