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Hyioo, fellow slackers e-warriorz! As our titular Monthly-Topic organizer is a bit offline these days, here I am, bothering you with yet another installment of that-topic-that-we-occasionally-talk-about. Money In Politics was so-so; I guess the election is still not too intensive yet, but you just wait for autumn! There'll be super-PACs and other such demonic things all over the place!

That said, the topic you guys chose for the great month of April is...

The Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Oooh, so grandeur! But what does it mean? Let's see.

- What creates civilizations: society, customs, economy, religion, war, institutions.
- Early civilizations: Mesopotamia, Nile, Asia Minor, India, Mediterranean, East Asia, Americas.
- Medieval to Early Modern civilizations of the world. Feudalism. Renaissance.
- Contemporary civilizations and empires - creation & destiny.
- Culture & cultural identity as a factor for civilization.
- Interactions between civilizations and the consequences.
- Fall of civilizations: factors for societal decline & collapse.
- Environment, resources, energy & the life cycle of civilizations.
- The "Six Killer Apps" for the emergence of empires; Guns, Germs And Steel.
- Imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism: factors, advantages and flaws.
- The Great Powers and the grand geopolitical chessboard.
- The social contract: the role of government, natural law and constitutionalism; tacit consent, voluntarism.
- Civilizations and empires of the Western World, the Islamic World, the Sino-world, the Eastern World, Africa & the Americas.
- The Clash of Civilizations.
- Risks to civilizations, humans, and planet Earth.
- Anarcho-primitivism, anarchism, survivalism, escapism, post-modernism and other such -isms.
- The Kardashev scale of civilizations: Types I, II, III. Long-term development of the human civilization.
etc etc, etc.

And here's the poll for May:

Poll #1830875 Monthly topic
This poll is closed.

What should be the next monthly topic?

Free Speech and Political Correctness
Racism, Discrimination and Xenophobia
The Current and the Next Wars
Religion, Morality and Ethics
Health, Science and Technology
Sexuality, Family and Gender Issues
The Various Cultures of the World
Controversial and Strange Legislation
Scandalous Politicians and Their Dirty Laundry

(You can suggest more of course).
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