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Soros, Revolution, NWO, OMG! ...And a couple of polls.

George Soros predicts class war and riots
George Soros, the billionaire investor, has predicted riots on the streets and global class war as the economic downturn results in a new "age of fallibility".

Just a few days after the publication of the Global Risks 2012 Report at Davos where the world was promised utter boredom and pervasive pessimism and apathy for the next 12 months, out of the blue, here we have the next bombshell. After having consulted with his magic 8-ball, the evil finance speculator and benevolent philanthropist, the (in)famous George Soros now has an ominous prophecy for us to heed: no more, no less but a true Revolución in America! In his opinion, the new heralds of the glorious People's Revolution this time will be the Occupy Wall Street guys (with whom he "sympathizes" with all his heart). The most visible difference from "that other" Revolution, he thinks, is that this one doesn't have any official leaders. (Or does it? Just ask Alex Jones!)

According to Soros's theory, the world is entering a new period - the period of "evil". One from which a new World Order could emerge(?!?) Europe is at the brink of chaos and conflict. He predicts riots and disorder on the streets of America, and a cruel crackdown by the government(s), resulting in severe suppression of civil rights. Also, "The global economic system could collapse".

These and other predictions and views he has apparently shared in his new book Financial Turmoil In Europe And The United States, which is expected to come out in February, and which will obviously dispense further wisdom onto the ignorant unwashed masses, and prepare them for the glorious Revolución. And it'll possibly contain a few prescriptions for a way out of the coming Armageddon (buy gold!!!) A World Government, perhaps? Wouldn't he love to see that? ;)

Soros believes the mass disorder on the streets of the US cities is now imminent. The authorities will respond with violence. The reaction to the disorder might bring more harm than good, he says. *nod*

As for the OWS, he thinks the movement has served its main purpose: raising awareness on a topic that has long been shunned and even turned into taboo in American society: unemployment, and social inequality. In a way, he argues, the OWS has already won a victory by bringing this issue to the table. How society will respond to this debate, will pretty much determine the events to follow. But he's not seeing a positive scenario unfolding (yeah, old people tend to be that grumpy). Would've been too boring, you know. Besides, his book wouldn't sell too well.

Whether that's his "prediction", or his "plan" (conspiracy theorists, rejoice!), is up to anybody's interpretation. Depends who you ask really. Soros is a divisive and controversial figure, no doubt. So I won't talk about this right now. Instead, I'll just offer you a few scenarios to pick up from. And a few possible responses to the worst-case scenario, should you choose to take the challenge.

Poll #1815198 Soros's Revolution

The glorious People's Revolution is coming. So, is Soros right about this?

He's right! It's time we wipe this evil capitalist system out! Where's my bayonet?
Since he's of the globalist Illuminati, the plan must already be set in motion anyway!
Kinda-sorta... I call wishful thinking on his part. But can't rule it out completely...
He's a smart guy who knows a thing or two, but still his prediction is 50/50%.
The Mayans were right. He's spot on, but ain't looking far enough: beyond 12-21-2012, that is.
Meh, I ain't seeing it coming. We've seen much harder times, I call tempest in a teacup.
He has finally succumbed to senility. An old man who's talking off his ass, duh!
Crisis-schmrissis, yaawwwwn. I've heard this story before! Neeext...
I like pie. Gimme pie & GTFO!

Poll #1815199 So what'd you do?

OK fine, but let's assume he's the new Nostradamus and all this happens, then what?

I'm sooo joining the glorious People's Resistance! Let's wipe these fascists out!
Since I'm a freedom-loving guy/gal and I have a gun, I'm joining the anti-NWO counter-revolution!
I've been planning to leave this fucking country for quite a while anyway, so...
Guys, guys! Let's be reasonable. If we stay low and quiet, maybe we'd outlast this turmoil?
Since the Mayans were right all along, I'ma spend the next 11 months in drinking and sex orgies.
I'm in a process of stockpiling vast amounts of food & soap, and I have a remote cave handy. Nya-nyaaa!
But this is simply bullshit! There's NO way this is gonna happen! The military won't let it happen!
What if the NWO is not such a bad thing? I'm totally ready to embrace our new overlords.
But srsly. Will there be pie under the New World Order?

You go!
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