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The healthcare law's effects - it's all about the trend line!

Those who disagree with the healthcare reform law continually point to the fact that premiums are expected to continue to rise despite the law being passed.  Some even point to recent rises in premiums as evidence that the law has failed, which is particularly silly since the provisions in the law designed to bring costs down have not taken place yet.  But what about future increases?  Yes, there will be future increases, but the important thing to focus on is the trend line.  Independent analysis from a wide range of completely unbiased sources have estimated that many of the increases can be explained by aspects of the law that most would consider positive and worthwhile, covering children until their 26th birthday, eliminating co-pays for preventative care, and mandating that people not be denied because of preexisting conditions.  And even with these popular changes, the healthcare law brings down the trendline - the pace at which costs are rising.

Can it be argued that the law does not go far enough to control costs?  Perhaps.  But it does successfully control costs better than would occur if we did nothing, while at the same time instituting positive changes that most people agree on and insuring millions of people who currently are uninsured and rely on everyone else's tax dollars to pay for their care.   

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