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Ban that ho', Barbie!

You see, Barbie is a bad influence for young Iranian girls!

Iran removes Barbie doll from shelves — what else do ‘morality police’ do?

"The ban on Barbie, first instituted in 1996 for the doll’s “destructive cultural and social consequences,” has since been flouted by many shopkeepers who don’t agree with the ban. But the morality police say Barbie must now be removed to protect the public from the erosion of Islamic values by Western culture."

Oh, the happy effects of a theocracy! Not that I'm particularly crazy about Barbie and the distorted body image it presents to youngsters, but control of the state by organized religion is a horror which scares Holy Cow up here (see icon).

And while we're at it, the lunacy of the likes of a particular presidential candidate with a particularly Google-able name (and his devout followers), plus the prospect of him becoming the head of state and commander in chief of the most powerful nation in the world (you know, the one who's poking its nose everywhere, whether called for or not), does indeed sound equally Holy-Cow-inducing.

But back to the extreme fundie lunacy of the theocratic state that is Iran, I'm sure some'd notice some familiar reasoning there behind that ruling. The kind of reasoning that says we want to prepare girls to become decent young women content of wearing a bag on their head (whether figuratively or literally), to not show off their physiques in public, because you know it could lure some poor males into acting like an animal, which btw would not be their fault at all. It's all the woman's fault for being sexually attractive, you know?

That said, I think Iran's morality police could've approached this situation differently. Apparently, Barbies don't think for themselves and they don't talk back - I think they could use Barbies to teach the country's youth an important lesson about getting in line with the standards of the "morality police", thus becoming an integral part of society.

Oh, and before I've forgotten, I hereby propose a modified version of Barbie, just to cater to the Iranian market - or anyone else who'd be eager to share their way of thinking, to that matter:

Tags: fundamentalism, iran, women's rights
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