Stijn van der Kasteel (mahnmut) wrote in talk_politics,
Stijn van der Kasteel

Lolols. State of the Zzzzz....

From Uncyclopedia: The State of the Union is a method of compressing lies and bullshit into an hour or two long transmittable file. It is created to tell us what the POTUS thinks, received in a room full of crusty and aging men and women who lost their souls long ago and whose genitals are shriveled and infected from lack of use. Generally, when the state of the union is broadcast, people still tend not to give a shit and change the channel to American Gladiators. After this event is over, as a clever way to distract the uneducated masses from what was actually said, various pundits raise opinions and witty banter of the Address.

Tags: nonsense, obama, offtopic
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