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Doctor Frankenfurter Vs Sweden


Little known fact about Sweden, that supposed bastion of liberal idealism: If a Swedish transgender person wants to legally update their gender on official ID papers, a 1972 law requires them to get both divorced and sterilized first.

Sweden is considered extremely gay-friendly, with one of the highest rates of popular support for same-sex marriage, and more than half the population supports gay adoption. Arguing that the current law is both unpopular and abusive, the country's moderate and liberal parties want to see it repealed. In response, the small but powerful Christian Democrat party formed a coalition with other right-of-center parties to join in upholding the requirement for sterilization. End result: a proposal for new legislation that allows trans—a preferred term for many people who undergo gender reassignment—to be married but continues to force them to be sterilized.

Okay, WTF, Sweden? Now I get that the people who are fighting to keep this one the books are in the minority. But it's pretty amazing this wasn't struck down years ago. Is this a well known law? And how long until this is used as fodder for Law & Order: Sweden?

I like that the article contrasts this to the forced sterilizations that happen in the US. It's odd how contries can go such different ways on this sort of thing. As messed up things can get with gay right in the US a law like this would have been given the boot ages ago.

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