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The King's Eye: Secret Societies and Popular Sovereignty‏

The legend of Jesus makes much more sense when it is placed in the context of the times in which it was enacted. Rather than coming across as some other-worldly miracle worker, Jesus appears to have been a member of a secret society. When people of leisure during the sixteenth century investigated the context of the Jesus story and how it had been exploited, they saw a need for a secret society of their own. They could not share the results of their research with other people without a security apparatus. There were two groups already in existence to whom they could turn for support. One was a remnant of the Knights Templar and the other was a remnant of a Spanish Sufi order. A third option was to start a whole new organization.

Isaac Newton conducted the same inquiry and alluded to the need for secrecy in his extant writings. It was a crime to know and speak the truth. The tradition that saw it as a crime back then still sees it as a crime today. The truth continues to demand a cloak of secrecy to protect its keepers from the jealous glare of the king's eye. Liberalism fools itself in thinking that despotism cannot exist in a "democratic" society. In its denial of regal authority, liberalism makes the false assumption that the power to command and control has been tamed. It thinks that the beast is in a cage even as the creature stalks the streets. Liberalism ignores the evidence in the lacerated wounds of beastly victims. There is a cabinet full of drugs to ease the victim's pain, but not a single treatment to address the cause. A blind physician cannot treat what she cannot, nor will not, perceive.

I mentioned the remnant of the Knights Templar to an acquaintance. He characterized them as anti-Catholic. I pointed out that they were founded and populated by Catholics. The oppositional attitude is actually the other way around. It is Catholicism which opposes the secret society. The latter is willing to give the king his own breathing space. Perhaps this is why liberalism is blind to the machinations of the crown. It resembles the fear of criticizing national socialist tendencies within Israel lest one be branded an anti-Semite. Here in America, Roman Catholics started their own version of the remnant Knights. They even have multiple degrees of initiation. I witnessed their support for defrauding women of rights this past weekend. It was nice of them to wave the US flag as they promoted political actions that would further subjugate poor women.

What role to you see for secret societies in the politics of the future?
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