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America on Cuba as sponsor of terrorism

I don't like anyone running for the Republicans. However I was impressed with Ron Paul refusing to engage in hawkish talk about Iran (he was the only one who didn't sink to engaging in bullshit)and on tough talk about Cuba again he stood alone.

What's with America's stand on Cuba? Even the CIA doesn't claim that Cuba is a sponsor or terrorism! (The CIA's main issue seems to be illegals entering USA, at least according to the World Factbook.) So why do the candidates pull this out of their ass year after year?

Quote; The history of Cuba as a State Sponsor of terrorism didn't begin until 1982, though, when the State department placed the Caribbean island country on its list of those believed to be providing critical support to non-state terrorist groups.

Experts in the intelligence community generally don't think Cuba actively supports terrorist activity or that it poses any threat to national security. Most of the charges leveled against Cuba indicate that the US doesn't like Cuba's bad attitude toward US policy, but even the State Department can't provide convincing evident that Cuba actually acts to undermine US policy by supporting terrorism.

Everyone needs a marketing strategy. Where Germany understood they couldn't compete globally on price, or quantity, the Germans pushed their products on quality. Germany has done quite well. Cuba's niche export has been on the medical front, training more doctors then they need and therefore are able to trade medical expertise globally for many of the imports they require. This is obviously not a strategy for terrorism.

The idea that Cuba is a sponsor of terrorism is ridiculous on the surface and if you bother to dig into the facts.
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