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No. I'm Not Glad.

Today, yet another fellow Democrat (that makes four) told me that I should be happy about Newt Gingrich winning the recent primary. I’ve been told I should be glad that Republicans are apparently going to have to choose between Gingrich (a rightwing firebrand who has no hesitation about appealing to racists) and Romney (a social darwinist millionaire who sees anyone complaining about income inequality as a commie pinko Castro-lover.)

Well I’m not happy. I’m not happy because the year is 2012 -- not 1996. Gingrich is not just some gadfly, energizing the right from the sidelines and offering tips to conservatives about how to use unfairly biased language. He's in the running for the Republican presidential nomination, and he did not get there through some act of God. He’s there because he represents a significant portion of one of our two major political parties. And so does Romney, with his obvious contempt for the poor.

This is not good news for any American, even if it means President Obama gets another four years in office.
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