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Except for that Little Detail...

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Colin Heaton, 1/16/12 speaking to the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, on how to finance building a secure wall between Mexico and the United States:

You take all these incarcerated illegal aliens, even some of the guys who are US citizens in the prison system who make about 27 cents a day doing ridiculous work, kick out the union labor charging $28 an hour, force these Mexicans and these other people to make $5 a day, making more money than they made in Mexico anyway, put them to work building security fence under military, local state law enforcement administration…eliminate the overhead…

I’m going to be polite, but let’s just say the only difference between Adolph Hitler and Barack Obama is that Barack Obama is not overtly ethically challenged with regard to various groups and paradigms but socialism is alive and well in Washington….

Build a large single federal detention system, it’ll cost a lot of money but it will save money in the long run. You collect all these people that you’ve gathered in these raids, you incarcerate, imprison… you take them all and stick them into one large detention center, like a KOA campground with walls (laughter.) That’s your labor force, to build a security fence at 1/6 the estimated cost.

…if the president of the United States, even worse, his Attorney General, does not uphold the Federal laws that he’s sworn to, such as not prosecuting the Black Panthers holding sticks doing voter intimidation in Philadelphia, what’s the difference between a Black Panther with a club intimidating white voters and a Klansman burning a cross in front of a polling station in Duluth? Nothing…

Click here for video.

So the South Carolina Tea Party hosted a speaker on Martin Luther King Day, one Colin Heaton, who advocates building a massive concentration camp for illegal aliens and some American convicts. It’ll be just like a KOA campground except for little details like guard towers, barbed wire, searchlights, and forced labor.

Honest, he says, it’ll be cheap because, you see, they won’t be using any stinking union labor and will eliminate “the overhead.” No details are offered about that overhead, but I suspect overhead eliminated would, along with adequate pay, include worker safety and reasonable working hours. It doesn’t look like there’d be any squeamishness about using child labor either, since Heaton talks about ferreting out undocumented students in the public school system. Sounds like the whole family will be involved, Mom, Dad, any aged relatives hanging around, the kids… Good thing we won’t be spending any money teaching those little illegals while they’re stuck in the massive gulag Heaton envisions, which will presumably also not bother with expensive propositions like medical care or sanitation. Gotta eliminate the overhead!

So after advocating setting up a massive forced-labor camp near our border, Heaton has the crust to compare the President to Hitler.

Except for that little detail about Obama not being a genocidal racist.

Heaton closes by leaving out a really big detail, leaving it up to his audience's imagination. I would love to hear the conclusion of Heaton’s “if” about the president or attorney general not prosecuting people Heaton wants prosecuted. Alas, he never finishes his thought. If the president didn’t do this…what? What does Heaton and his enthused audience (who crowded the room and gave him a standing ovation) think should happen to him?

It’s not just that this kind of stupidity is being proposed. As many oh-so-blasé liberals and moderates will hasten to tell me, there have always been people like Heaton saying stuff like this.

The problem is he’s not saying this to an audience of avowed Nazis and Klansman. He’s not speaking in some midwestern bunker or to a circle of robed yahoos in the piney woods of Georgia. He’s not consigned merely to some 4:00 am slot on an obscure talk radio station.

He’s talking at a meeting of a movement that presumably represents the base of the Republican party.

I’m willing to bet that many in Heaton’s audience would scorn the idea of joining either the Nazi party or the Klan. Unfortunately this scorn is rooted less in any actual understanding of the Nazis and Klan than it is in seeing villains dressed up like them in the movies and on TV. If the same old crap is packaged just right, if it’s not Jews or blacks, but illegal aliens whom they envision being rounded up from homes and schools and crammed into forced labor camps, then these people laugh and clap and give the speaker a standing ovation.

Here’s one more little detail about that audience. The website for this gathering includes the following caveat about attendees:

Attendees are required to be ‘vouched for’ by a tea party leader who knows them, in order to ensure no rascally renegades come along to disrupt.

Good thing no “rascally renegades” were there to disrupt things by asking for some of those pesky details Heaton left out.

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