С махновской рожей (general_denikin) wrote in talk_politics,
С махновской рожей

What is Russia for you? Ally, enemy or just neighbor?

Update. This poll is broken. Take the poll at my new entry in this community

    Dear members of great TALK_POLITICS community. As you know Mother Russia regained her lost political clout and now every country has to reckon with her. This was mostly due dominant leadership of prime-president Putin over second hand president Medvedev. Until recently it looked like russian people is satisfied with their life and never again going to make any uprisings or revolutions. But everybody was wrong.
        After obviously fraudulent elections in december 2011 thousands of russians participated in action of protest against Putin's government. Political lull was over. But how this turmoil did affect attitude ordinary russians to their american peers??
Honestly, attitude is pretty bizarre. Here in LiveJournal everybody easily could communicate with any foreigners thanks to google translate. But it's very unusual when 2 biggest parts of LJ communicate with each other. Why?
        You remember, of course, well-known maxim Russia is the riddle into mystery. It happened again. But I don't want to get you into details until some Day F. Because I came up with some idea to conduct couple short polls both for russians bloggers and for american's with purpose to find out what those peoples think about each other. Most questions I asked are the same for both sides and I'll have good opportunity to compare answers.
         Actually I'm pretty much aware of opinion of russian side, but I'm curious what you americans and other westerners think about regular Russian guys. I know some of you contacted or at least read comments of russian bloggers. Do you like their point of view regarding American politics or yourself? Can you be swayed to vote for more tough candidates after you read russian bloggers point of view?
         Do you believe russian bloggers support anti-american stance of future president Putin or you just don't care and not afraid what Putin doing? I'm pretty much interested and appreciate if you cross-post this and bring your friends to participate in poll.

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