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From the man who said John McCain knows nothing about torture:

First, one straight parent is worth two gay parents (does Santorum have a platform that's more than "Ah hate ghey, ghey is ebil, EBIL AH TELLS YOU?").


Second, Ronald Reagan was a fake conservative and not a true conservative, but instead a closet-liberal who made Social Security and Medicare what they are now; socialist evil. Oh, and Santorum also says that the term Middle Class should be dropped because there are no classes in the USA:


IMHO the most inexcusable thing he said was in the first article when he claimed a 5-year-old with cancer was responsible for his own cancer, and that the government has no business "punishing those that do right for the sake of those that do wrong." With that I think it's fairly clear that Mitt Romney will be the nominee for the Republicans as none of these other people can last five minutes without saying the kind of things that would over-qualify them for entrance in the League of Extraordinary Dumbasses.
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