Spas (htpcl) wrote in talk_politics,

[Special mod thread] v.2.0

Hey folks! As the old Special Mod Thread (you know, that place where you could go to file complaints and/or offer feedback to the community staff) has already become more than 2 years old and pretty clumsy, here's a new, fresh one!

Basically, as most of you may already know, this thread will be exclusively used for reporting and discussing all current breaches of the Rules of the Community (displayed on the community profile), as well as any possible staff decisions. A link to this thread will be displayed on the community's links sidebar.

You may feel free to report anything that you consider disruptive to the debate on talk_politics, or propose relevant actions by the moderators, or approve or protest about actions taken, or just give any opinions on staff decisions, the Rules themselves, or the community in general.

As the policy of screening all feedback after all points have been exhausted, has worked pretty nicely throughout the years (the majority of people who've used the Mod Thread preferring that their reports remain confidential between the staff and themselves), we'll continue this practice here, too. However, if you offer some feedback and you insist that it should remain visible for all, please notify us, and we will respect this requirement. If not explicitly noted, feedback threads will continue to be screened by default (after we've duly made sure with the member that this is appropriate, and all points have been thoroughly exhausted). The purpose of this policy is to avoid excessive drama and grudges, and to encourage a more sincere feedback.

Once again, we encourage the members to use this Mod Thread, or the private-message LJ function, whenever they have to share their opinion on issues concerning the community, or report violations of the Rules that we may have missed.

Finally, I remind of the way the Yellow/Red Card system works here. While official warnings are something we occasionally use with utmost reluctance, they are sometimes needed as a relatively diplomatic yet very explicit tool for extinguishing passions and/or systematic disruptive behavior. However we do believe the members are able to moderate themselves for the most part, so we trust that this system will continue to gather dust. :-)

Here's how the Yellow/Red Card system works here:
 = warning
 +  =  = out for a couple of days.  +  = out for good.
(A  expires after 3 months).

Thank you.
Tags: mods
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