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Pro-Choice Sites Promote DIY Abortions

This is why I shouldn't browse Facebook when I'm suffering from insomnia...

A friend of mine alerted me to instructions being passed around by a site called Women On Waves, a pro-choice group that's set up safe abortion hotlines in various countries as well as sponsoring a ship on which abortions are performed. A partner site, Women On Web, directs its users to Women On Waves for further information. Women On Web offers abortion pills by mail to multiple countries (though the United States is not mentioned in their fine print) in case women are not given the pills by their doctor or pharmacist.

While the image boldly asks, "Do you need a safe abortion?", using pills like Mifepristone to induce abortion isn't without complications.

A postmarketing summary found that, of about 1.52 million women who had received mifepristone until April 2011 in the US, fourteen were reported to have died after application. Eight of these cases were associated with sepsis; the other six had various causes like drug abuse and suspected murder. Other incidents reported to the FDA included 612 non-lethal hospitalizations, 339 blood transfusions, 48 severe infections, and 2,207 (0.15%) adverse events altogether.

I thought pro-choice groups cared about the safety of the women they serve? This doesn't seem safe at all. It seems like a pretty lazy form of activism. If a young woman follows these instructions and complications arise, will either of these groups accept responsibility of promoting this method?

General question: What is your opinion of the two websites and the instructions issued?
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