underlankers (underlankers) wrote in talk_politics,

Hope and Change, huh?


There's already been tries with this idea of the leaner, cheaper US military and fighting wars. The results in Iraq and Afghanistan utterly and comprehensively discredited this Rumsfeldian nonsense. Instead of cheaper, more effective wars the USA got protracted ugly wars where it was unable to either end the war quickly or provide a sufficient show of force to cow its enemies. The USA also got the absurdity of having to buy ammunition from other countries and a war without either adequate armor or sufficiently protective armor because its leaders were too cheap to buy it or to use it, and wars where it was undermanned so the USA had a war that was sufficiently cheap and not requiring any of the taxes to pay for it.

Remind me again where Obama's precisely differed from Bush in terms of these wars, again? I mean even his withdrawal from Iraq was on a timetable set by George Bush.....
Tags: military, obama
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