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Monthly topic

First and foremost, I wish everybody a happy and prosperous year 2012, full of health, good luck and lots of smiles for you and your dear ones! ^__^

And now, time for the Monthly Topic again. "Bash A Country" went surprisingly well if you ask me, and now that you've chosen something quite different, this could get interesting. The new monthly topic that won the last poll is...

Political Utopia

Fiction junkies, rejoice! This will be your chance to show your prowess in creating new fake realities. Or maybe regurgitating someone else's fake realities, I dunno. Here's roughly what is meant by "political utopia":

- Ancient utopians: Plato's Republic, Atlantis and the rest of them wacky Ancients.
- The Biblical Garden of Eden, 72 virgins, and other concepts of Heaven. And don't forget Valhalla!
- The ideal for state; the ideal city. What does it look like?
- Intentional communities: eco-villages, communes, survivalist retreats, kibbutzim, housing cooperatives, co-housing...
- Home-schooling and un-education. Better than public education? How/why?
- Utopian socialism and utopian libertarianism; libertarian socialism. Libertarian libertarianism (oops, got carried away).
- Prominent theorists of modern time. And of not-so-modern time. Did someone say Marx?
- The global utopia of world peace. You know, this kinda hippie stuff.
- Religious utopia and the relevant sects, movements and communities. I'm going nowhere without mentioning the Amish.
- Retreat (survivalism) and down-shifting. The modern Buddha types.
- Scientific and technological utopia, technocracy. Post-humanism, A.I., I Robot, the Matrix, OMG!
- The Zeitgeist movement, the Venus project, resource-based economy, etc.
- The Long Now and long-term future predictions. Because the present is sooo boring...
- Counter-utopia, anti-utopia and the birth of dystopia.
- Utopia and dystopia in science fiction.
- The End of Days, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction (and maybe non-fiction).
- Worlds originating in fiction. Narnia, Middle Earth, and all the orcs. You know what I'm talking about, my prrrecious!
- Social planning, genetics, post-humanism (repetition is repetitive) - and the ethical aspect thereof.
- The New World Order: for and against a world government.
- Alternate history scenarios. Unleash your imagination. Geeks around the world, unite!

And of course, here's the poll for February. Because there are just 12 months before the End.

Poll #1807958 Monthly topic
This poll is closed.

What should be the next monthly topic?

Gender issues
Energy and environment
War on terror
Global protests
The police state
Global role of the US
Austerity vs welfare
Racism and prejudice
Bias and propaganda
Fringe ideologies

(Feel free to suggest more).
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